In a world so lost, Internet cats will never let you down. Here are 10 reasons to love them.

  1. You’ll never see them destroy their city because they love every cat and every cat loves them.
  2. They’ll never force you to buy healthcare insurance, and if you can’t afford it, they don’t practice extortion.
  3. Internet cats don’t care about gay marriage. They do care about getting that red pointer dot. They care about that very deeply.
  4. You won’t catch them glorifying the challenges of their species: the homeless alley cats, the mentally ill, troubled, or disabled cats. They even love their brethen hooked on catnip. No questions.
  5. Internet cats aim to get fat and happy. They know no body shame.
  6. Their intrinsic knowledge of yoga and willingness to teach poses.
  7. Internet cats love taking selfies and have no qualms about making a funny face. In fact, it’s one of their goals.
  8. They disagree with all wars and strife because it messes with their mellow vibe, man.
  9. They make mistakes, have no regrets, or anxiety and are always willing to try to sit in any size box.
  10. It can’t hurt kissing up to the Gods of the Internet.

Photo: Flickr/Moyan Brenn

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