We all require joy, hope and optimism. In these darker times, take heart that people care, that kindnesses, innovation and generosity are happening all over the world.

After the crushing and brutal massacre in San Bernardino, the terror attack in France and the shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood, we are in need of heartening news more than ever. Our souls require it to rehabilitate. It’s a time in our history when life can seem so out-of-control, when people appear more bent on vengeance than kindness and when they deem themselves entitled to take lives. It all coincides with our slow awakening of realizing the chasm of corruption is everywhere.

It can leave you disheartened, emotionally drifting and in such an overwhelmed state you may stand frozen because you have no idea of where to begin, or if any action you take will matter.

Despite the mass infusion of tragedy playing on every media, instances of generosity, heroism, hope, happiness, joy and love abound. You can find them right here in this sunny compilation, but be sure to look for them in your own life, too. Be sure to keep your faith in people alive.

After a full immersion into soul-gladdening stories, the laughter, tears, smiles and elation have overcome any doubt within me that our world is nothing less than a miracle.

All the feels straight ahead.

  1. A Nigerian boy solves a 30-year math equation, is recognized by a Japanese university.
  2. Monsanto will close three of its facilities. We are making a difference!
  3. A woman broken down on the highway meets an angel. #SaluteJose #StayKind
  4. Rosa Parks has been honored with a reserved front seat on Texas buses.
  5. This little boy giving his sister bone marrow, even though he believed it would kill him.
  6. A city letting people pay parking fines with canned goods for the hungry.
  7. The 18-year old grandson taking his grandma to prom, and other feel-goods.
  8. The janitor and cook who turned from workers to volunteers of a center after it closed, to take care of the elderly.
  9. Swipe right for peace–a dating app for conflict resolution.
  10. The movie, Human proving the beauty of diversity, and inspiring this article.
  11. A man with an intestinal tumor offering unconditional love through Craigslist ads, and sparking a chain of love.
  12. A psychic daughter confiding in her mum, “I’ve had a lot of mums but you are the best by far.”
  13. One patient recounting: “My doctor ordered a $6,000 treatment machine, to accelerate my healing. The cost for me to use this machine for the next month? Zero.
  14. The white woman standing her ground, defending an elderly black man.
  15. This morality Christmas ad with the joyful twist, which will make your eyelids sweaty.
  16. A landlord’s heartwarming Christmas present.
  17. Nineteen of the very best uplifting photos of the day.
  18. San Francisco’s mobile shower truck for the homeless.
  19. Ex-Bengal, Devon Still, whose social media posts about his daughter’s stage-four neuroblastoma cancer went viral, announcing his baby girl’s remission.
  20. This MN refugee center fielding 4-5 times the needed amount of people to help.
  21. WWGSA and these moving words from transplanted international students discovering the love for their American host families: “I love it here you are all so nice to me.” “You are the best American Mom & Dad I could ever ask for.” “I love my sister I’m so happy to have had this opportunity.”
  22. The church that tipped a pizza guy who is in recovery $700. Warning, the tears will flow.
  23. The reaction of a dog rescued by a firefighter. in the words, of GMP Lead Editor,Shawn Henfling, “Dogs are my favorite people.”
  24. A woman with rare, autoimmune disease, transverse myelitis, gets her bathroom redone so it is wheelchair accessible, all services and materials are donated by a local contractor company.
  25. The worst flood in India in 100 years brings Twitter to the rescue.
  26. Washington High School students afforded discretion as their food and hygiene needs are met.
  27. One man’s drastic 400 pound weight loss spurred on by supportive gym pals.
  28. This dedication to eradicating a killer disease.
  29. An inspiring couple recreating their wedding photo 70 years later.
  30. A man fulfilling a young girl’s wish for a new toy from Santa, described in a letter that literally dropped from the sky.
  31. A secret decoration mission that helped this widow rediscover her holiday spirit.
  32. The donation of a van to the man who had been biking 14 miles to work every day for five years.
  33. A couple slipping $500,000 into a Salvation Army bucket after previously living on discarded grocery scraps.
  34. The tattoo artist who created a galaxy of hope and joy on a toddler’s walker.
  35. This father and daughter who only have eyes for each other.
  36. The unique way Japan is saving turtles from trains.
  37. This cafe, staffed solely by people with special needs.
  38. This barber rewarding kids earning good grades with free haircuts for life.
  39. These stories of heroism in the midst of the Paris terror attack.
  40. Young champions, inventors and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to preserving our oceans.
  41. The time a police officer bought a little girl a new bike, after hers was stolen.
  42. A compilation of 27 aw-worthy videos, including a grateful lion.
  43. A NY woman who gave the shoes right off her feet to a woman and the good deeds that ensued.
  44. These feel-good kids trying to change their city’s perception through art.
  45. A Santa surprise by a soldier son.
  46. This Santa who got up close and personal with an autistic child.
  47. A little girl who has received a multi-organ transplant from another youngster, and their moms who are forever bonded.
  48. This amazing service dog comforting a woman with Asperger’s during a panic attack.
  49. Seventeen incredible moments when dads saved the day.
  50. This woman with a contagious laugh.
  51. The Canadian brothers and their bald eagle selfie.
  52. A woman who rented a mom for a day.
  53. MN legalizing medical marijuana.
  54. The Batdad adopts pit bull and turns her into Robin.
  55. Huggers for hire.
  56. A Doctor with a heart and no hair, who shaved it all off for a young cancer patient.
  57. A Syrian refugee formerly selling pens, who now owns three Internet businesses.
  58. A proud grandma with a graceful grandson.
  59. A foal finding her mom again after a man reunites them.
  60. This nine year old boy honoring his late father in a unique way.
  61. A doctor demonstrating baby booty shaking as a calming method for infants.
  62. A determined daughter learning to walk in time for her mother’s wedding day.
  63. The teen who built a bridge in Mumbai, India so kids could cross to school without walking in dirty water.
  64. The incredible UPS delivery driver who gave a kidney to his client.
  65. This lucky baby receiving a first bath.
  66. A 16-year old cancer warrior singing Fight Song.
  67.   The 14-year old selfless daughter who informed her father she wants to donate her savings to kids and families fleeing Syria.
  68. #projectrobinhood a.k.a. people paying off layaway products anonymously.
  69. A 101-year old woman playing in the snow.
  70. People using this Christmas countdown to kindness calendar.
  71. An older man helping a younger man knot his tie.
  72. When a canceled wedding allowed homeless people to eat.
  73. A reassuring twist on marriage and love. Spoiler alert: it’s alive and well.
  74. These seven true pay-it-forward stories, including a man who’d climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and then created a clothing line to donate a portion of the profits to underpaid porters and guides.
  75. This story of how far the  butterfly effect of kindness can travel.
  76. A mystery man whose mission is to pay for unsuspecting shoppers’ groceries.
  77. This little boy praying with a homeless man who had just received a much-needed meal.
  78. This man surprising dozens of homeless people by building new tiny houses.
  79. Students at Canadian University Dubai learning how to pay it forward in their ethics class.
  80. This beautiful Pay It Forward song.
  81. A man leaving his kind waitress a 7000% tip after he learns she had been facing eviction.
  82. The creation of Pay It Forward Day: occurs April 29th
  83. This little girl getting the birthday surprise of her life, after thinking no one would show up to her party.
  84. Santa’s Pantry helping to pay off overdue lunch balances.
  85. The creation of Pay It Forward International, a most hopeful organization.
  86. Easton LaChappelle, a self-taught 19-year old who invented an affordable prosthetic limb through the use of 3D printing.
  87. The first, openly-gay country singer, Patrick Haggerty, of Lavender Country sharing heartwarming advice from his farmer father. (Bonus jazzy cartoon!)
  88. This Facebook page created for the express purpose of making you happy. Anytime you are down, or feel disheartened, head here.
  89.   The first WWII veteran honored for helping to save Jewish people’s  lives.
  90. A man who sings to his pets.
  91. oung footballers proving love is the first, natural reaction.
  92. These 20 acts of incredible and random kindnesses captured in video.
  93. An artist who melted 1527 guns down and turned them into shovels for planting trees.
  94. An 11-year old who donated over 500 gifts to a children’s hospital—including her own birthday presents.
  95. Generous R. Kelly helping his high school music teacher to keep her home.
  96. This man singing to his dying wife.
  97. The lawyer who spent half a million dollars on backpacks for elementary school students.
  98. dancing principal welcoming kids back to school in a unique way.
  99. Singer Khari’s song to his daughter about overcoming bullies.
  100. These babies welcoming their daddies home at the end of the day.
  101. And this man singing to his dying wife:

  102. This man singing to his dying wife.  
  103. After the deluge of love and inspiration, you might just want to bookmark this page!

    Special thanks to the rest of The Good Men Project team, specifically: Dixie Gillaspie,Ina Chadwick, Lisa Blacker, Adiba Nelson, Shawn Henfling, Barbara Abramson,Frank Cordova and Scott Heydt.


Original article appeared at The Good Men Project. Reprinted with permission.

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