Ryan Stewman is making over the face of sales, redefining long-lived processes to the salesperson’s advantage and experiencing a rise many would describe as stratospheric!

. Stewman, aka the Hardcore Closer, is a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll and a whole lot of gritty honesty. Exactly why I pitched the hell out of him…because I wanted to learn everything he does and how he does it, then apply it to my business.

Now, I’m ready to share it with you.

Let me be clear, I know his voice can’t be emulated, that his approach is sometimes crude, but hiding beneath the slick exterior of his intriguing brand pulses the brain of business genius. I’ve seen it up close. During our conversations, he will periodically stop mid-sentence to plot out into a fruition a thought fast-growing legs. It’s all done without fanfare and hesitation, and if you are lucky enough to witness it, within the next moment, his conceptions will be inevitably put into play. Becoming just another in the set of his nearly 30 businesses that have put this smooth (and always authentic) talker on Easy Street.

His first three books: Hardcore [c]loser (which I read in mere hours), Kick Ass—Take Names, Emails and Phone Numbers, and Bulletproof Business—Protect Yourself Against the Competition are all Amazon best-sellers and with the release of the fourth to come in the next few months (now hot on my editing plate), Stewman is bringing his brash voice back to the table. This time, stripping away the dated recommendations from the legends of industry, like Zig Ziglar, whose message doesn’t readily apply to the new technologies and media at a salesperson’s fingertips today. Stewman’s book adds to his long list of accomplishments in the sales world.

To date, he has helped over 30 thousand people change the way they close.

In his soon-to-be-released book, Stewman shares how to ask for permission to close à la his Permission Based Selling system, and how to leverage every conceivable media: (he IS the creator of Phone Funnels.) He’s also effectively eliminated the need to cold call, altogether!

With chapters such as Why People Buy BS Vs. the Real Thing, How to Relentlessly Close Over Objections Without Pissing Off Prospects, 3 Reasons Salespeople Like to Blow Their Money and How to Prospect AND Close Via Facebook Chat, Stewman appeals to the new generation of hungry reps, who clamor for not only his experience and ingenuity but his wit and Hardcore humor.

The Elevator to the Top will challenge you to ask yourself about the decisions you are making professionally and personally.

Maybe it’s not surprising for a man who knew at a tender age he would always work in sales. He learned he could kill it in multiple industries and I am guessing, like me, figured “doing the work” was one of the only things he could depend on in his life.

Yet another reason I can relate, that I’m silent when he speaks (for the most part.) We are both from the streets and I see myself in a measure of his past. In making the hard choices to cut off people in order to preserve your own health. In the way he broke the cycle within his own family, raising two beautiful sons with his fiance. I am committed to doing the same with my family.

He doesn’t accept status quo in his personal life and sure as f#ck won’t accept it in his business. When Stewman sees an opportunity for improvement or identifies more efficient processes, you better step back because the Hardcore Closer is about to dismantle!

The Elevator to The Top ties in a selection of blog posts from his Harcore Closer site, where he entertains and educates over 400 thousand visitors per month. His faithful fans are eager purchasers of his coaching and sales programs, and his FBpage and group, Sales Talk with Sales Pros has exploded to over 800-thousand members.

Motivation blogs, as Stewman dubs them, serve a vital purpose in the salesperson’s existence. They have definitely influenced mine! Imagine being privy to every chapter of his rags-to-riches story, gaining unlimited access to a modern marketing machine.

It’s why, after glimpsing what he’s cooking up next, I wanted to share my experience of how working with him is blowing up my entrepreneurship!

My unforgettable lessons:

  • Align yourself with people of substance

I have been taken for a ride by, and forced to write off big-talkers and if you are like me, looking to up the ante in your professional life, you might have experienced the same. All of which make you leery of listening to pitches without any backbone.

  • Insist on positive progress

Negativity as a motivational resource never works and it comes with a side order of guilt, procrastination, bitterness and anger. Stewman is indefatigable, lifting up his many subscribers to his methods through his writings.

  • Memorize your sustainable process and replicate…if you need to…create a new process

Stewman shares actionable steps to take a struggling rep from zero to a 5-figure-a-month hero.

It’s why people flag him down on the streets.


In rare supply these days. But Stewman’s got it.

  • Bring the value at every client touch point

Since I have turned a laser focus to ensuring worth in my own work, I don’t have to worry about client retention.

They keep coming back for more.

Apply these steps to your business and you’ll experience the same.

Original article appeared at The Huffington Post. Reprinted with permission.


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