TODAY is a big one! So, naturally, I stayed up late and read A Child Called It. I devoured it because it was a triumph of the human spirit. I guess I am addicted to that sort of missive.

Maybe it is why I surround myself with the people who believe they can do anything.

With people who know that they are no different from anyone else, who know the rules are the same for them or the Queen of England. This is the key, isn’t it? When we acknowledge there is no difference in what we can achieve, then our reality and our potential changes exponentially.

The Winning Mindset. Ryan Stewman talks about this a lot. He has discovered it and applied it to his own life. He is an example of the kind of person whose company I crave. The entire Tribe of people that his mastermind contains are all ball busters and they ALL, every last one, follow through with what they say they are going to do.

I don’t encounter one negative mind in this group. No, it is steeped in the power of collaboration, compounding growth and brilliance and when you are in such company your own life and potential positively EXPLODE. You NEVER cave to the baser and toxic disbeliefs that you CAN’T. It’s simply not a word and the proof of what you can construct in synergy will blow your mind.

Ryan Stewman will be on the Sick Biz Buzz podcast today.

Because he is a person who sees all people as having the same capabilities. He works with people who are chronically ill (and let’s face it, don’t we all have something?!) but he will never treat you like it. He is the epitome of a person who does not see an illness or disability, but who values a person based on their work. He was selected because he can teach people, employers, leaders, his special vision. He doesn’t see differences. He sees potential in every single person willing to work for it. THIS is why I am up early and preparing to have a memorable and moving conversation with him. It is no surprise he wants to grab that sledgehammer and smash the stigma surrounding invisible diseases and disabilities because he smashes the stigmas on so many subjects people are terrified to talk about.

I am also appearing on Satori Prime today and am so excited to talk more about Sick Biz’s exciting developments as we grow as a nonprofit and continue to spread awareness of what we can do to help chronically ill and disabled entrepreneurs. These are big weeks coming up. Tomorrow is my cover shoot for the book. My publisher and I are weeding through cover mocks and I need to do what I advise all my clients to do: Keep Writing.

Reach for the content, the books, the people that move you, that shove you from one reality into the next. Shed your self-doubts and defenses at working with others and tightly embrace your gifts. They are yours and they are unique. What will you bring to the world that is your purpose? What are you living out each day, an ascension into clearer light and bliss, or are you anchoring yourself with self-recriminations?

Do not feel threatened by the brilliance of others, but help them to shine brighter as you polish your own star.

Maybe you need to change your circle to people who will lift you every day.

I know the decision to align with unstoppable people has forever altered my life. I will never be the same. I don’t want to be. I don’t know that old, sick, fearful woman cringing at memories, judgment, and pain, who sought approval from outside forces every day. I only know this new force who can do anything because I say I can. Because the source of my belief resides inside me. It can’t be touched and I am in control of it.

Change your circle. Change your life.

Sick Biz Buzz’s episodes will be available to soak up soon. After today, we will have four shows in the bag. Then one a week following that.

Plenty more coming down the pike, right Erin Schultz, media miracle worker? Get up and get after it.

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