You’ve been there…business humming and hopping.


Referrals pouring in and you’re in the zone of not having to do a damn thing to grow. We get transfixed with taking action, with completing tasks, become extra verb-oriented in our work, and in our very existence.

We “mmmhmmm,” to the people around us who deserve more and even when we are solely handling one project our minds are a million butterflies escaping from a net. We can’t pay attention anymore due to the richness of overwhelm.

When what we pray for happens and we begin to learn the definition of financial success (whatever that means to you), it is overwhelming, in a “I’m going to carjack your brain” kind of way.

This is when we stop dreaming.

It is when we miss dreaming.

Yes, we are grateful for the black, silky serenity of thoroughly roasted sleep (read: flat-out exhaustion), but…we miss the chance to noodle and toodle over new inspirations.

We miss the chance to water our trees of epiphanies. To watch buds sprout. We start to mentally starve.

And we have to be careful of that. We have to be nurturing of what moves us.

We have to say no sometimes to rock in the mental hammock of downtime.

To not grow resentful of our own decisions.

When you are grappling with the tentacles of opportunity and every shiny thing looks like THE key to riches…STOP.

For even 20 minutes. Don’t tell me you don’t have 20 minutes.

Resist thinking about your tasks and close your eyes. Try not to sleep, producer.

Instead, dream while you are awake. Better yet, do you have a document where you write down whims you hope to “get to”? Dig it up and sink into it. What were you going to write about? What came to you in the middle of that meeting? What is the innovation you know would blow up? This is your list of dreams. Let your aim be to add one thing…but just like sex, don’t rush it, okay? Loll around and let the pleasure flow through you. You LOVE what you do…how it feels. What is does to your heart and mind. So, if you can lengthen the list, great…if not, that’s okay, too. Then let your plan be to take ONE action to further the dream on your list. Take it out of fantasy mode and on-board it into production.

Here’s an example. I want to reach out to someone and collaborate because I think my peanut butter would mesh deliciously with their sweet jelly. Guess what? Dream time is the time. I will use part of my 20 mins and find them on Facebook and send them a message about the beautiful sandwich we can make and savor.

Another action: I want to expand my media reach and I have a gripping article topic. I will take advantage of this time to suss out the right person to help me and I will ASK or pitch RIGHT THEN and THERE.

What about the beauty of doing nothing…what if your dream time feels more like you should sit and have lunch by a lake? Perfect! Then take the action of letting your thoughts run loose like a spool of thread spilled on the floor. Can you ideate as you eat? Of course, and it will be such a palatable and memorable lunch. Make sure you have something with you to write down what dreams may come…or tap them into the notes section on your phone.

That’s not hard, right? Now add it up: 20 minutes a day, five times a week! Seven if you work for yourself (that’s an insider entrepreneur joke!) and you will find you can dedicate yourself to the grind and to progressing from the internal proliferation to the external manifestation.

I was once worried that my well of writing ideas would run dry. But what I have learned instead, is that the more you are in it, the more you slosh around in the muddiness of imperfect potential and the immaturity of the sparks of illumination, the more you will fill up that recess in your hoping head.

Daydreaming generates possibilities, and the notion that we are authentically prepared to conquer, to introduce, to change, to impact, to grow, to connect, to collaborate, to partner, and to polish and (insert your verb here) is POWERFUL.

It is why kids MUST play. To remain thrilled at life!

It fuels you and loads you up with energy to get through the GRIND that you created by being incessantly CREATIVE. You need it to spur you along, little dogie.

It is the yin to the realized workload yang. You cannot exist without it…well, you can, but you might be a joyless slug, just humpin’ along on the gritty concrete. Uninspired, uninformed and thoughtlessly driven by your taskmaster self.

Dream MORE about what you will bring to fruition in your life. DREAM hard about fitting your gear into the machinations of someone else’s invention.

Take the time to honor your wildfire fancies and THAT will lead you to even greater moments of discovery in your business, relationships and LIFE. <3


Original Article from: “The Good Men Project”

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