I am not condemning followers, not chastising the leaders in our field generating millions in speaking engagements. There is a place for them. These people and their aspirations and their proven grasp of clutching onto their unique truth are worthwhile and in some cases, life-changing.

It doesn’t negate the danger that can arise from mindless subscription, however.

You are a business owner, entrepreneur, a successful individual in your own right, possessing signature gifts that can’t be duplicated.

You are not a mini Tony Robbins or Gary V. There is a beauty in learning what you can from such pioneers, yes, but at some point, you must turn back to yourself.

What is your vision? It’s okay if it’s different than what appears to be trending right now.

What is your “why”? It’s okay if it doesn’t match everyone else’s. Your “why” is by its very design intended to apply to the nuances in your life, your circle, your income, your purpose, your passion.

You might look longingly at a pop-up business or funnel service and imagine you can do the same. Maybe you would even be more successful. Stop then, and examine what’s in your heart.

What do you want to do?

THIS is where you will never go wrong.

Several months ago, when the services in my business ran the gamut from marketing to graphic design to copywriting to book editing, I spoke with a client.

“I have no idea what the hell you are doing,” he said to me.

I met that with an uproarious laugh. Because I was hungry to know how other people saw me and my business. That day, after talking with him, I cut out graphics and marketing strategy from my offerings. Now, my subcontractors and I focus on being the best in copywriting, editing and book editing. Boom. That’s it.

It’s what I wanted to do. The conversation with my client, (because I had answered honestly) had reset my course. I am happier. My energy is vibrant and enthusiastic because I feel and I know I am where I need to be.

Humans are interesting studies in psychology every day. Sometimes what holds us back is wanting the identical fortune of another. When we deny our natural leanings and aptitude, then we deny our very purpose. The reason we are here.

We grow to our largest size in our mission. We link to associated and partnering opportunities through working in our revelations, and we find the conduit to greatness in this manner, too.

Our journeys are not supposed to look like a replica of someone else’s. We can penetrate into the same network, hoping to mimic success, but will soon find that we will not be effective if we are not ourselves. And guess what? A person’s passion is not so easily imitated. Because passion is charged with past experiences, physiological wiring, lineage, exposure, interest, education, and the congealing of all these qualities are what lead us to our given TRUTH.

We are here to discover and solve our own mysteries and to fill our intended role. The one that is meant solely for us.

It is a zillion times more fulfilling to strike out on our own anyway. We will OWN what we reap then. Our ideas, strength, progress. Illumination. It becomes ours to keep.

I am here to be a cheerleader to others and to help them apply different and more effective ways to reach positive outcomes and thought processes in their life.

I am here to help people tell their stories in a moving manner so their books and content will remain with their readers.

I am here to help people discover the opportunities they might not be able to see because they are too close to them.

I did not know this until I had accepted my own vulnerabilities. I did not know I could offer anything different than being a drone until, terrified, I opened up to possibilities that were completely foreign.

Getting vulnerable, resonant and honest is exactly what you need to do to catapult ahead into your deepest success levels.

Your income may be different.

Your marriage or partnership may be different.

None of your relationships may mirror anyone else whom you admire.

As long as you find enduring bliss in your life, as long as you can sense in your gut you are answering your own quests, as long as you are heeding that tempo no one else hears but you…you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You will be serving in your greatest capacity and you will realize your greatest rewards and talents.

Original article appeared at Marketing InsidersReprinted with permission.

Photo credit: Pixabay

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