On the 10th episode of Go Book Yourself, the podcast that helps you Master Writing, Marketing, and Publishing One Byte at a Time, we are answering the question on everyone’s lips: “How the heckfire do I become a best-selling author?

Boy, if it were just as simple as answering this question with one simple answer. But the truth is, like everything else in the world right now, it depends on the criteria of the algorithm, whether you are talking about hitting the Amazon best-seller list or the bigger fish to fry: Wall Street Journal, USA Today, or even the biggest fish of all… The New York Times!

The good news is, it is possible! You just have to understand what you have to do. And you need to make a time and money investment (like everything else under the sun!)

If you are interested in busting onto the Amazon best-seller scene, these are the criteria that have to be executed. (But also note, there are specific levels and numbers you need to hit):

  1. Pageviews
  2. Reviews
  3. Categories
  4. Initial pricing
  5. Overall activity and interest
  6. Sales

Hilary gets into detail on each of these points, so make sure that you listen close. Also, tune into the tale of two Stus, two authors who trod two different paths to reach the status of Amazon best-seller. 

Stu #1, upon publication, generated so many sales and reviews, in short, bombarding Amazon so hard that his ranking couldn’t be tabulated for 13 hours!

Stu #2 has sold over 5000 copies due to his consistent branding and marketing. 

It should be noted that both these gentlemen also have tons of reviews on their books. This is a huge contributing factor to grabbing that best-seller sash. So, as you are writing your book, prepare to get those reviews in and coach your readers to get them uploaded to Amazon on time. 

Writing your book begins before you write it. It begins with defining what you are saying and the building blocks of your platform. Doing all this work beforehand makes a huge difference.

That’s it for this chapter until next week. Now, it’s time to Go Book Yourself. Until next time authors, write on! 

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