On the 11th episode of Go Book Yourself, the podcast that helps you Master Writing, Marketing, and Publishing One Byte at a Time, we are honored to be in the presence of the booger queen and best-selling author, Angela Halgrimson. Nobody Likes a Booger is the winner of the Mom’s Choice Award, the Independent Publisher Book Award, and children everywhere have awarded it their favorite, giggliest, funniest book ever! 

We wholeheartedly concur!

If you want to experience the same success with your children’s book, then tune in to learn how to tackle these children’s book writing tasks:

  1. Crafting the story.
  2. The difference between writing a kid’s book and a grownup’s book.
  3. When to engage an illustrator and formatter–and can they be the same people?
  4. The cost to self-publish.
  5. Pitching, yay or nay?

The most memorable message that Angela delivered hands-down is to never give up on your dreams! We wholeheartedly agree. So listen in and then get to work, creating your own unforgettable children’s book. To get in touch with Angela, check her out on IG @ angelahalgrimson_author and angelahalgrimson.com.

To take a page from last week’s podcast (see what we did there?), remember that writing your book begins before you write it. Figure out your story, why it’s salable, and then build the platform to support it. Instead of feeling intimidated by all that needs to be done, take it one step and one page at a time. 

That’s it for this week’s chapter. Now, it’s time to Go Book Yourself. Until next time authors, write on!

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