On the 46th episode of Write Effing Now, the podcast that helps you Master Writing, Marketing, and Publishing One Byte at a Time, today, we are going to learn that writer’s block isn’t even real. Nope, it’s masquerading as something we know all too well.

We are ripping the top off a common concept. Debunking a myth. This is a myth as old as the ages. But within the myth is also a mystical element of lies. This entity that takes over writers and holds them hostage on the regular is called writer’s block. Ernest Hemingway called writer’s block the “white bull.” I call it the “white bullsh!t.”


Unravel writer’s block yourself and start with these tips, then listen for more:
  1. Reframe how you think of it. That it is a necessary pain, that it is a negative eventuality, and it hurts you. These moments of searching are actually teaching you!
  2. Challenge the theory. Are you physically unable to write? Likely, no. You are not blocked. You are in judgment.
  3. Groom yourself to show up as the best form of you and accept you and love you. Your best in these uncertain stages IS perfection.

We are vessels walking around holding a creative spark. Yet we look to other people to tell us that we’re good enough. This is what “writer’s block” is about. It is about being tangled up in our minds with the perception that our writing is not good enough and that perception is based on what we believe good enough to be. A lot of times, that has to do with the horrific standards that we put on ourselves that even we can’t meet. And it has to do with other people–who have no authority over us–just what we give them.


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