Oftentimes, people believe that writing is more creative through fast pace as you type or write. As you continue into your writing the most important piece that everyone forgets is self-care. The writer’s ability is endless but without taking the necessary time to make yourself comfortable and patient it tends to drag into a process that is more work than fun.

In this episode, Hilary is giving exclusive information on how to enjoy your writing to the next level. No one is forcing you to write, therefore there’s no need to apply extra stress throughout the process. Fall back to the roots and find your purpose.

Here are a few things you will learn in-depth in today’s episode:

  • Pacing- Take the required amount of time you need to expand your creativity.
  • Commit to being an expert and leading yourself to success.
  • Having fun- Remember this isn’t supposed to feel like work.
  • Being defensive with your time by creating goals.
  • What is your reason and why does it impact your writing?
  • Focus on your interests- writing just to write can be dull
  • Keep yourself constantly motivated
  • Understand that there are continuous steps to perfect a piece of writing. Edit and revise constantly.
  • The thirteen self-care steps will improve your writing, your mental capacity, and creativity.

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You’ve already lived what you’ve experienced.

It’s time to write it to life!

See you on the next episode!

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