There are many kinds of people in this world ranging in all forms of life. The struggles range entirely from different situations and experiences. A person that is Neurodivergent has cognitive thinking that is rather not typical like the general population. For example, people who deal with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, and Dyspraxia are considered to be Neurodivergent. 

In this episode, Hilary is joined by special guest Brian Mckittrick as they discuss what it’s like to be a neurodivergent person and the importance of reaching out for guidance when writing. Brian talks about his journey as he wrote his Best Selling book “It Ain’t Rocket Surgery”. Brian felt stuck as he was writing his book but felt the gratitude of being able to reach out to his inner circle of writers and other entrepreneurs as they helped guide him into place. 

Brian and Hilary discuss different tactics on how to improve your writing when coming to face those times when you may feel stuck or unable to concentrate.  Brian gives an outlook on his journey starting from nothing, to becoming the successful entrepreneur he is today and how writing has impacted him closely along his journey of leveling up.   


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