People marked safe amid shootings and catastrophes, dim political hopefuls, personal agony. Today, insistence applies.


It is tiring to take this stance to defend the values we believe in.

An insistence to always be curious enough, courageous enough and convicted enough to know the truth.

An insistence to hold yourself accountable for your behaviors and to hold others accountable for theirs.

The insistence to forgive, to believe that people make mistakes. That people devastate you. The insistence to move forward.

The insistence to forgive yourself, to fight for what is right, to accept there are grays in life.

The insistence to let go of hurt you have not caused yourself, and to grip firmly onto the brightest rays of the future.

The insistence to let go of other people’s emotions and to realize their heart, or absence of, is not your problem.

The insistence to dig into issues and refuse to join the bandwagon danger of societal chants.

The insistence to dive as deep as you need to, to find the truth even if it means learning ugliness.

The insistence to stare down shadows among us, to stand with quiet confidence that the greatest healer of all, time, will also reveal all.

To respect another soul’s journey.

Without spite, categorization, threats, dehumanizing communication.

The insistence to only carry your baggage, and to leave others at the roadside.

You carry too much weight already.

The insistence to challenge yourself to the best behavior you can share with the world.

To conquer your demons, and only yours. To be wary of solidarity cloaked in half-truths.

The insistence to recognize your own beauty.

The insistence to demand good treatment.

Good leaders, progressive, yet safe movement.

To forgive yourself without the attending sucker punches.

The insistence to keep fighting despite shootings, disparities, differences. Despite sensing you are a pariah.

The insistence to forge ahead, with compassion in your heart and a deference to the people around you.

The insistence to be as kind as you possibly can.

Even if you don’t understand.

Another person’s story.

The insistence to revere your own responsibility. Always.

Never excusing, never substituting words of another for your own. Never speaking for another.

The insistence to believe not everything is a personal insult.

The insistence to hold dear, that people are human.

They deserve another chance to try.

The insistence to stop comparing.

The insistence to confront uprisings, inequities, hurtful beliefs and to stride forward with faith of what you hold in your heart.

To be an un-clichéd unicorn wandering this troubled and stormy world.

The world needs more of you.

Insistence is a pearl tucked into your gut. You know the truth, what is right.

The insistence to recognize your own fear, your terror at being ostracized, minimized and demoted.

Your fear at being forgotten. You won’t be when you are magnificent.

We all are.

The insistence to believe the day may look different, but the darkness will lift and every reality you have ever known will still be there, simply bathed in a new day’s ray.

The sun will come up.

Until it doesn’t.

The insistence to peer inward and recognize your own power, perhaps as small as a bud, but still there, waiting to unfurl.

Waiting to revolutionize.

To resist excuses because moving seems too hard.

The insistence to hear your own voice echoing against the walls and to know you can’t be missed, ignored, or glossed over.

To take losses without vitriol.

To insist upon living with grace.

To challenge the quivering panic in your core, that you must rush to quiet too often.

The inner person no one else knows about.

To consider whether it will die in a searing hopeful light.

Because it may.

The insistence to rise and rise and rise although your wings may be wet. From sweat or blood.

To cease denigration, devolving, sinking.

The epiphany that battling for the greater good is exhausting work.

So is resisting drama; speaking and spreading misinformation.

The insistence to select a more painful choice when it means restraint, adhering to tenets that are not easy to abide by, but better for you.

No office gossip, social gossip, personal gossip.

Increased decency, internal mettle, worth, eventual peace.

To accept you know your own potential of destruction and growth.

Applied to yourself and others.

You are a force when you open your eyes.

Such enervating work, it seems…endless. An eternity of trying forever.

Born of clenching and wringing insistence to strive, heal, love, desegregate, uncouple, uncult, to divine beautiful universality.

And the insistence to find it within your resplendent soul.

No matter the depths you have to go.


Original Article from: ‘The Huffington Post’

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