We all face our own rides. Hopes and dreams, savor our life. Stop being afraid of what could go wrong. Start being positive about what could go right in the first place. Does this sound weird, almost as if you are fighting a battle against yourself? I am sure when it comes to success stories and live examples, there are plenty to be quoted. Today, I would like to talk about an entrepreneur, who despite facing transverse myelitis, never gave up. She is a role model and you will be able to see why I chose her; being strong and successful despite all setbacks.

Illness never came as a divider in her career.

Hilary Lauren is a blogger, marketer, writer, editor, author, consultant and much more. There is nothing that she hasn’t done or wouldn’t want to try. You name it and she explains it. She started her company, J. Hill Marketing and Creative Services in January 2015. I agree it sounds crazy to profile someone who hasn’t been up and running that long, but she is an amazing person, who has demonstrated serious traction. One can’t get enough of her experience written in just a few words. Inspiration is what her other name would have been.

Now, why do you think we are discussing her? What is it that I want you to see through this post?  I know you have already seen a lot of inspirational or success pieces scrambled all over Google. So why would I choose a topic which has already been explored a lot? Let’s go ahead and see what I have to say and you have to read.

 The Bumpy Ride Called Life

Like I said, we all have to deal with things as life chucks them to us. You can’t run away from them, no matter what you do. Hilary says, “Quitting is easy, fighting takes a nerve.” So why let any bump pin you down? You are healthy, you have a brain to give it a shot. All is a win-win. If you are standing and facing your hurdle, then you do have the willingness to NOT GIVE UP. That’s all that is needed. Positivity is a must. Your mantra should be I CAN. Surprise your challenges with the force of your tenacity. Stay open to learn. Listen to what others are saying. Try and fail, instead of not trying at all. Why let anything get in-between you and your dreams? Hey, listen you are special, every one of us is special in our own unique way. Hard work always pays off. You must have a firm understanding of what you want to do and it is mandatory that you love it.

Entrepreneur Despite An Odd

Come-on, you must have heard about people who do it all, but what about appreciating the ones who couldn’t and still made it to the first page of victory? Sapping accidents, birth complications, genetic disease, disabled physically, speech issues. All of these things are there to break and beat down the ones who are fighting.Your body gives up on you and you are still a rock. Failure is not your fear, not when you have been so vulnerable. Despite being ill, you make your dreams come true. Exceptional, isn’t it? Now, this does need a standing ovation. Hilary is such an example who should be quoted. She made herself recognized. She didn’t want to be pitied. She was not afraid of not trying. You can accomplish the same; all you need is to believe in YOU. Try doing what you like. Think out of the box. Set your own goals.

I love writing. It is a lifeblood. I am fascinated with the emotional intricacies inherent in marketing and advertising, and what compels people to take an action. There must be something that you like. Try it. Let it fail, but still try it. Your failure is not the definition of who you are; your failure is priceless information you can use to leverage to reach success.

Unstoppable with a built-in detour

It’s not going to be easy. You know it. But success isn’t as hard as you think. Take risks. Stick your neck out. Fall on your face and learn to get up. This will soften you and make you humble.  Being physically challenged is not a HITCH. It’s not something to be ashamed of. Put energy into what works well with the least amount of effort. This is your sweet spot. You know the opportunities you just keep tripping over, the ones people find you to discuss? SWEET SPOT. When you embrace both the work and your illness as an inevitable part of your trip, then you can go forward. Your intuition is your guide, hold it. It will take you to your destination, which is YOUR TRUTH. Master it, discovering yourself is an ULTIMATE SUCCESS, to you, to me- to all of us.

Original article appeared at Entrepreneur by Rafi Chowdhury


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