Do it now. Hone it Later.

Themes pop up in our lives…messages the universe sends us and that we need to listen to. For the past couple of weeks, the theme has been to live with an abundance mindset. This week, it is taking imperfect action.

What does that mean?

Imperfect action occurs when you create, collaborate, and basically, just get going on whatever you need to do.

I have a client who is after a BIG fish, a global fish. Her materials are not all complete, but she is hustling to get them on her website, to update her packages, to write compelling descriptions, and no it isn’t perfect, but she is doing it. She is building her credibility by constructing a resource for her prospects, and even if it’s not her ideal iteration, she ticked a box on her list. Her creation will be effective and at least she has made notable progress in her campaign.

Have you ever put something off so long because you couldn’t line up all the details? Because before you crafted your presentation, your blog, your business’ collateral, so much needed to be done? Every time you turned around, the list compounded? You had to update the website, install the SEO plug-in, freshen up your logo, etc., and so you wind up frozen, your list of impending actions avalanching upon you.

What you will find out when you take imperfect action is that you have a WIP (Work In Process) and viable resources. You can get your systems connected, your writing out, your relationships forged, whatever the case may be, and while this is happening, you have the chance to improve.

Imperfect action is why I have a website. Why I have a column. It’s why I have a logo and many other elements of my business.

Nike was always onto something…Just Do It!

Whatever IT is.

Don’t think about it. In the time it takes you to layout everything under the sun that you think your product needs, you could have a pop-up website. You could have a social media page. You will have begun to brand yourself, or promote your services, and when you cry, “Under Construction!” no one bats an eye. No one pulls back. And this message buys you time. To get it right.

When you are writing, stop editing. When you are putting together the bullet points for your services, just knock them out. When you are designing a logo, draw the draft, or have someone else do it for you now.

The idea is to use a presence, to provide resources to your clients and prospects. To your business partners.

Do it now. Hone it later.

More respect is given to an action taker than to someone waiting for the perfect time. That person is seen as a DOER.

People want to work with doers.

The perfect time NEVER comes when you are building your business. The perfect time is TODAY when you work for yourself.

Actions really do speak louder than words…especially in business.

Taking even a half an hour every day will give you 3.5 hours a week to work on your business and you will be astounded at how much closer you will get to your goals.

Here are some resources to get a jump:

  1. lets you whip up a one-page website, which you can load up with your benies and services, social media links and your email subscription icon…in a flash.
  2. Google – Large file shares are a snap in Google Drive. Record webinars in Google Hangouts and link your Gmail calendar to your phone as well.
  3. PicMonkey – Free photo editing site that lets you crop, blow up, treat and create memes.
  4. Free hi-res, copyright-free pics – Unsplash offers laudable pics; Pixabay is chock-full of pics you can use in any capacity; and how about this unique one? Gratisography.
  5. Ready to email? Start with a monthly newsletter and get it all set-up for free in MailChimp.

If you shave 30 mins off your social media surfing every day, you can do this!


Original article appeared at The Good Men ProjectReprinted with permission.

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