If one more person challenges me today…I may be forced to perform yet another miracle.

See what I did there? I was going to make this all about a beef, but that is not the type of energy I want to attract. These particular challenges I am facing today concern boundaries, concern forgiveness and concern realignment of the goals in my life. When you are in the process of dismantling and rebuilding, there will be messes and you will keep dealing with those sloppy spills until you learn what you are supposed to. How to say “NO,” how to be heard finally, how to peer honestly at your life and follow through wmaking changes…veering from the wrong direction. That is what I have done in many areas of late, and it is understandable there would be pushback.

None of it requires emotion, believe it or not. It all only requires knowing where you are, where you stand, what belongs to you and what doesn’t. So, I may seem rigid, I may seem like a bitch, but what I am really doing is living my life with peace, without responsibility for other people, but minding my little family, my business and my future.

I encourage you to do the same. The relief is nearly weightless, throwing off the burdens you are NOT supposed to bear. Those “burdens” which influence our choices and ultimately our paths.

Then, I encourage us to trust the gut feeling we have had all along. The information we have always had access to…but fought against because it was easier and more comfortable. Who said it this week? Something to the effect of, “You can’t grow in a comfort zone.”

I won’t. I will grow outside of it. As will you. Namaste and healthy peace.

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