It’s 2017 and the buzzword is “scale.”

Everyone is supposed to be doing it. Scaling is seen as the next logical step in a progressive growth trend.

But I want to tell you… It is not that easy.

I’m not referring to logistics because when you break it down scaling is math and systems.

I’m talking about the emotional component of handing off parts of your business to people you hope and pray are just as vested as you into the success of your business.

They didn’t birth your business after an intensely long labor without pain medication…

They didn’t sweat and strain over sleepless nights to wrestle the monster of who your ideal client is…and hold them until they tapped out.

They didn’t jump and jerk in their seats when sparks of inspiration hit.

They didn’t grip sliding failures harder and watch as they disappeared under the water of obscurity. (I was going for an alligator metaphor here).

But these co-working peeps do what they can to convince you they are the one. I guess if we’re being open, we’re in a polygamous relationship since there are many providers, partners, and collaborators…all in bed together.

It takes a lot to trust another human being with your dreams. Almost as much as it takes to believe The One will cradle your heart.

Dreams, when they catch wind in their sails, leave your secure grasp.

Dreams…can be shot down as easily as they are released.

There seem to be two stages to scaling: the acceptance that you are there and need to fracking do something to continue to avalanche growth, and the acceptance as well as the IMPLEMENTATION.

And the realization that you are about to be shoved out of your own nest aka the “Comfort Zone”!

I have been floating in the first stage for a while now. Reaching out and building a relationship that was a leveling-up of trust…without even realizing it was happening.

“Would you like to be a part of the team? Do you even have time?”

Perfect. We were off, and then we weren’t. Instead, just sitting awhile. And then we worked on one thing and it was okay. Then we worked on another and my trust grew.

It’s how you can do it if you don’t know if you can give up control. (Hint: you can). It’s how you can plan to capitalize (and monetize) on the hottest buzzword.

When you commit to scaling you don’t have to jump into a freezing lake and submerge yourself instantly. You can live in phase one for a while…I need to do something…and then you can move into phase 1.5, I need to test the waters and see how it feels…if I think I will die. Finally, you will get to phase two: action and co-creating.

Before you get there, review these questions if you need help:
–Do I like working with this person?
–Do they take my concerns seriously?
–Do we seem to jive when we talk about the way we want to complete tasks?
–Is this person available and enthusiastic (vital, so they don’t just drift into the woodwork.)
–Is this person an architect of their own systems? (Because micromanaging is soooo 1997).
–What does my gut say? (You know, your gut that refuses to overthink things.) Get in touch with it. Do you feel good?
–Does this person support my company’s mission?

On and on we could go for pages because each person is different and requires different boxes to be checked before they can ascend to level two.

The bottom line is it’s okay to be unsure. Just because you are embracing growth and opportunity doesn’t mean you won’t battle feelings of inadequacy, of doubt, of full-on self-limiting beliefs. You will. Focus on the action. Write the email. Reach out via Facebook. Be strategic in your thoughts as you connect and plan and implement.

No one is saying you won’t have fears. But if you feel in your very marrow that this is the moment to seize, that this is the moment one becomes two and then four and six and so on…then DO IT. Walk. Call. Reach. Explain. Implement. Get your wheels locked into traction and move ahead.

You will have fears as you plan the first project together with that new teammate. Great. Acknowledge they exist, but they are not there to stop you. They can even be used to fuel your ENERGY. Put your plan in motion anyway with the help of a new someone who brings their own set of assets. How exciting to unveil what they are!

So…SCALE on, Scaler! But do it in the way you need. All-in, or wading into the pool of opportunities. Both are acceptable ways to grow. Because after all…you are GROWING and that is pretty astounding, to say the least.



Original Article from: ‘The Good Men Project’

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