Here’s a sneak peek from an article I did a while ago from my friend and best-selling author, Claire C. Riley. She even put me and my hubs in a couple of her books! The rest of the article can be found on Claire C. Riley’s website.

What made you start writing?

Losing myself in a story.  Killing Karl is the first novel I have completed and published, and there were times after all-night writing jags that I would actually be surprised to enter back into my world and life.  My protagonist, Doris, is so real to me, as are other characters.  I have written beginnings to other stories, and I always get lost when I put down the words, wandering around, trying to keep my eyes open to what is really going on in the scene.  I do use an outline, but it is loose, and I like the story to reveal itself to me … to surprise me periodically.  There are times when I will wonder, “Well, how in the heck did we get here?”  And then I need to bridge that moment.  When you experience something like that, you just keep going back.  It’s not like you have a choice.


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