I am taking my first business trip to go to the Success Live event with my publisher. This is the first time I will have traveled since getting sick with transverse myelitis, since learning a trip to Target could double as a marathon. So…I am taking my darling daughter, Lauren as my assistant. She and I will be flying into LAX and staying in Long Beach right near the ocean.

This is a big deal for me as I will be getting the message out about Sick Biz, seeking sponsorship and hearing some of the most inspirational minds speak.

I am a little concerned about all the traveling with the physical challenges I face, but we will use a chair when needed and I will have my trusty golden cane, Deacon, my husband, refers to as Goldenrod.

I know I can do this and I want to lead by example that we can all do things that scare us.

It doesn’t matter what they are…it doesn’t matter what challenges we face…we are the ones who are always in our own way.

So, I am removing those obstacles in my mind and in my tangible life and doing as I advise those who are afraid…focusing on the action.

It’s like I told the kids when they were younger and learning to do chores. “I know how you feel about the dishes, but it doesn’t matter because it still needs to be done.”

This mission needs to go on. The dissemination of the message needs to be done.

I can work anywhere. I can do anything. I can serve anyone, and I can grow this initiative in ways of which I am not even aware.

To have a publisher and professional, proven people stand behind our organization in support of this mission to help such a very special demographic, is mind-blowing. It is happening and I am happily freaking out, but it feels like the universe is also aligning.

Like I can see more clearly.

I am grateful to be the vessel.

I read somewhere that sometimes gold is used to reinforce cracks in broken pottery. What if we all viewed ourselves this way?

What if we all walked into the darkness because it was the way to our brightest light? To the gifts, we all can bring to the world?

That we have a responsibility to manifest?

As soon as the decision was made in our minds and hearts that Lauren and I could do this…the universe aligned profitably.

I know we can do this…we are spreading the message and the reason with love.

We are helping our very first entrepreneur!

We thrive off your support!

My heart is opening even wider to receive what people need.

Every day we learn what our roles are in this world. We are all deserving creatures.

Compassion is what people need. No matter who you are, what you do, where you live, what you look like. We are all human and deserving of care.

In fact, we crave it!

I never thought I would learn strength and empowerment from my baby girl.

I never thought I would learn to be supported ceaselessly through love, laughter and cheer, after years of receiving disposable treatment. I expand in love every day now.

How did I get so lucky?

We are on the road to helping more entrepreneurs reach their dreams. To spreading their messages so they, too, can ripple outward and improve our planet.

I have never been more honored to be an instrument of the universe.

Please spread the message of Sick Biz, and how we can help sick and disabled entrepreneurs through lending a hand to improve their strategies, executions, and finances through a collaborative community of support.

The title of my book will be Sick Success! Thank you to everyone who contributed their thoughts. Now to work on the subtitle. The description is due this week.

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Photo credit and fantastic artwork: Hilary Jastram

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