You’ve heard his name, been awed at his skills in the ring, but Alan Belcher is bigger than his ranking performances.


Even his mindset has always eclipsed any perceived limitations. While other kids were busy trying to nail the dime-a-dozen job, Belcher was building businesses that would allow him to indulge his passion…teaching Martial Arts classes as he competed at the highest levels of mixed martial arts.

Despite what might have been deemed a discouragement to his goals (the fact that he was only 15, an age when most high school boys are still squirreling around in school), Belcher proved his own mettle, going to head-to-head in the UFC and winning multiple Performance of the Night awards. And he discovered that he had a natural aptitude for not only scaling his own entrepreneurships, but he has gone on to help others do the same…applying his hard-won experience to coach hundreds of martial arts school leaders and propelling them to the six and seven-figure mark.

It’s still not enough to satisfy Belcher’s thirst, who truly does aim to change the world. His positivity and belief in himself and in every person he encounters cannot be reined.

He recognizes he has been called to a higher mission than even fulfilling his personal aspirations and that is to help others unlock their potential.

And in a perfect analogy of like attracting like, Belcher will soon be at the helm as the featured speaker Alan “The Talent” Belcher at the Undisputed Leadership Summit. He leads a pack of 20+ of the one-percent of the one-percent, the top hustlers, the groundbreaking entrepreneurial champions, the motivational superstars genuinely moving the world and everyone in their path to greater success.

The goal of this magnanimous event? How about 100+ years of insane and proven self-made mastery, how about exposure to the mindsets of those at the peak? Belcher leans in to 10x your purpose with the likes of mold-shattering speakers like Mike Filsaime, better known as the “Michael Jordan of Internet Marketing;” Alex Charfen, The Personal Coach to Billionaires; Tony Horton, Creator of the P90x Fitness Series and Drew Manning, Executive Producer of the Hit A&E Show Fit to Fat to Fit, and so many more that I can’t list them without running out of room. Imagine that you can attend this webinar. You don’t have to travel anywhere. You don’t have to save up any money, but you’ll just get the one-on-one vulnerableness of every single speaker on the docket for six “epic” days. Why wouldn’t you do it?

Excuse me if I get a little starry-eyed, but this is the equivalent of filling up a room with some of the most positive thinkers on the planet. The people that figure out life for a living and the leaders with the biggest and most benevolent hearts.

If you are an entrepreneur deep in the grind, you get it. We’re always “yearning to learn.”

If you have ever gotten in your own way while you’ve been running your business, and who hasn’t? Then why not blow open your horizons to learn how the big dogs of business ownership think? What are they doing differently? How are they approaching problem-solving? Belcher was born this way, ready to conquer and charge ahead to victories, and that takes a different perspective. Sharing what he knows could literally upend your life…in an unforgettable, and see-ya-later-I’m-off-to-the-bank-again manner.

Investing in your business as an entrepreneur is just part and parcel of the budget you must be willing to spend on yourself and this event…although, it happens to be free…for now…qualifies as the time and attention you need to take to transform your business.

Alan Belcher overcame his own self-limiting beliefs…he learned he could rank #3 in the UFC Middleweight Division.

He denied any perceptions the world had of him as a teenager.

He learned to visualize consistent winning.

He leveraged missteps into opportunity.

He refused to be stopped in the ring and out.

And hey, I consider myself an uber-upbeat person, but to crack the code on continual winning, I’m in to learn:

  • What’s the secret to never stopping?
  • How do you push past disappointment?
  • When do you know that you need to outsource help?
  • What’s the most efficient way to train a team?
  • What should you never subcontract?

The truth: I want to know what he and 26 other professional positive movers and shakers know.

Because this is a part of the drive of being an owner operator: learning what you don’t know you don’t know. And I would prefer to be selective with where I take my advice. To run an enterprise that puts others first usually requires a journey of the heart, but Belcher recognized how he wanted to affect people in his extended circle as a youngster. His logical progression takes him off the mat and moves him into a more natural position: leadership…and giving back…along with over 20 of his friends.

Original Article from: ‘The Huffington Post’

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