Having a convo with my client this morning has got me thinking…why do I care if people like me?

All my life I have been searching for validation after innumerable setbacks and betrayals and you know what? When that happens and you are reared (or un-reared) in this way, it conditions you to ALWAYS seek approval in order to feel good about yourself. Why? Is searching inward so threatening? Are we all only OKAY when we receive a legion of support? This year, I am done. I am ripping the fibers holding me to this mentality, and each time I progress in this fashion, I will acknowledge the further down the road I have traveled from source pain. Are you battered by “Approval Syndrome” as well? Why not start today with your own detachment? When you don’t receive the answer you want or the accolades you anticipated, or when the ugliness of the human spirit surprises you, pause for a few minutes and reflect upon why you need to feel liked. Because¬†you know what? You really don’t. You have you. As long as you operate from a position of love, from a grateful and compassionate heart, nothing else matters.

Working with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs has me like WHOA!

Have a fab WHOA Wednesday of your own! xo

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