Hi, my name is Hilary. Awesome sauce to meet you!

Hi, my name is Hilary. Awesome sauce to meet you!

I am the founder of J. Hil Creative, a marketing agency specializing in premier copywriting, editing, and book editing for Fortune 500 brands and the “one-percent” superstar entrepreneurs. Bookmark Publishing House, a division of J. Hil Creative, was born out of necessity when the inquiries I put out to help authors publish their masterpieces gained traction. Now, it is Bookmark that demands most of my time–and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Authors who come to me get a genuine assessment of what they need to do to reach the book publishing finish line. I am qualified to teach them as this is a road I have traveled myself.

It’s important that an author works with an editor who has been in the book writing trenches–who is an author themselves. So the process is one of not just empathy but sympathy. When I tell authors I understand their confusion and overwhelm, their fear of releasing their book baby into the world, I absolutely mean it. This is why I love being a book coach so much! There is nothing like being witness to a writer’s strength growing in ways that surprise even them. I tell myself every day that I have the best job on the planet.

Since 2016, Bookmark has helped over 100 authors everywhere get published! That’s a number I’m pretty proud of. I attribute our success to my incredible team of experts ranging from proofers, formatters, designers, marketers, copywriters, and editors.

Another one of my labors of love is the Go Book Yourself podcast that allows authors to master writing, marketing, and publishing one byte at a time. It’s my hope that this podcast will provide peace of mind through the sharing of relevant and road-tested tips, tricks, and industry insights, so authors can gain the confidence they need to move forward on the steps to publication.

As you are about to learn, there’s no feeling like becoming an author in the entire world. Wearing the crown of authorhood belongs solely to you. Nothing can ever take it away. And in my eyes, nothing can ever beat it.

Although my time is dedicated mainly to Bookmark, I am available for copywriting, publishing, and marketing consultations. Please reach out using the Contact option on the menu at the top of the page. I can’t wait to speak with you soon!

My clients are incredibly moving, inspiring people who have used their lives to build a legacy and change the world.

Whether through the telling of their own adventurous and insightful stories, or by yanking you into realms of their own making that will leave you wanting more, these are the up-and-coming authors to keep an eye on.

These stories are their signature impact on the world. It is our job to maximize that. We are proud to share that Bookmark’s non-fiction clients have spanned the following industries and specialities:

  • International Mindset Coaches
  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Financial Advisors

  • Sales

  • Real Estate

  • Investors

  • Doctors

  • Nurses

  • Insurance

  • Leadership

  • Mortgage

  • Music

And more!

Remember, if you have a book bursting to get out, check out the Contact page and send me an email. All of us on the team look forward to hearing all about your book and plans to send it out into the world. It is our distinct honor to help you become the author you have always wanted to be.

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Need Help Writing?

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