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Write Effing Now Podcast With Hilary Jastram

Write Effing Now Podcast With Hilary Jastram

Master writing, marketing, and publishing one byte at a time.

Master writing, book marketing, publishing, and everything in between one byte at a time with the Book Lady, the Word Nerd, the shameless writing addict, Hilary Jastram.

Hilary knows that writing in all its forms, whether crafting a book, a blog, an ad, an article, copy, or anything else, can overwhelm anyone. Ernest Hemingway called that taunting blank page the “white bull.” At 20 million words and counting, Hilary asserts that writer’s block doesn’t even exist. That’s just one tip! Listen up every week for more to stop getting stuck Write Effing Now.

An expansion of the OG podcast, Go Book Yourself, Write Effing Now, covers structuring book ideas, blasting through writing roadblocks, manuscript creation, marketing, and so much more. Don’t miss the major tea learned from writing her own books and coaching 130+ authors through the creation of theirs. If writing is your passion, let’s talk shop Write Effing Now.

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