On the third episode of Go Book Yourself, the podcast that helps you Master Writing, Marketing, and Publishing One Byte at a Time, we’re talking about the two different ways of writing a book: old-school writing or recording-to-transcription

Listen, we know how that sounds! Isn’t there just one way to write the sucker?

Surprise! There’s not!

Many authors have simplified and shortened the writing process by recording what they want to write and then having it transcribed. But you don’t have to do it that way if you don’t want to, of course. You are welcome to write your book traditionally. The point is that there are options now. You can choose what makes the most sense for you.

Let’s say you decide to record your book; then you would rely on your outline and go in the order it’s written. Try not to speak for longer than 20 minutes. You would be amazed at how short the transcriptions are–which means…less work for you…at least on the front end.

Three more takeaways from this episode of the Go Book Yourself podcast:

  1. Enunciate.
  2. Speak slowly.
  3. When you are writing, you are a writer. When you are editing, you are an editor. Resist editing yourself when you write, and you will have a fuller recording or first draft when you are done.

Listen to the whole show to learn even more hints around creating your book content.

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Don’t let intimidation stop you from becoming an author. 

We’re closing this chapter until next week. In the meantime, write on!

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