On the 18th episode of Go Book Yourself, the podcast that helps you Master Writing, Marketing, and Publishing One Byte at a Time, Hilary helps you release your book baby into the wilds of publishing, both emotionally and physically. Here’s a hint: your book is a product, and it’s time to treat it that way, or the quality will suffer. Then even your love for it won’t be enough to save it!

First things first, and read this part as many times as you need to: a critique of your book does not mean that you suck as an author. Lather, rinse and repeat that now. Never let anything shake your confidence to the point that you stop creating. 

If you’ve received critique and you’re feeling attacked, it helps to remember that this is exactly what editors and publishers are supposed to do: they are supposed to be honest to help you improve your work. That is what you paid for: their professional feedback. 

Here are three quick tips of the many shared in this episode:

  1. Practice positive self-talk before you receive any comments on your book. When you do this, you will build up your skin, so it is nice and thick. Then you will have an easier time hearing what people have to tell you.
  2. Positioning your book is critical to its success and to ensure it remains memorable in the marketplace.
  3. Don’t let your ego get in the way of improvement–what all authors strive for. Don’t let it block you from learning about all the amazing aspects of this industry. The big-name authors are pros in receiving opinions and sorting out the ones that are relevant to their works.

Don’t stop the process of writing your book and throw away all the time you deliberately sunk into this incredible venture. Be reassured that the reason you sat down and created this book is still valid. Nothing can take that away from you. No one else’s opinion. No one else’s style preference. Your desire to write your book and the information you want to share with the world still stands. You don’t want to go out with a whimper. You want to send your book into the world with a bang!

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Don’t let intimidation stop you from becoming an author. 

We’re closing this chapter until next week. In the meantime, write on!

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