On the 29th episode of Go Book Yourself, the podcast that helps you Master Writing, Marketing, and Publishing One Byte at a Time, we’re answering all your questions on book covers.

It’s always the goal to communicate information to you in a way that makes sense–especially when it comes to breaking down the big projects and turning them into smaller ones. That’s how Mats, our lead designer from theartcat.com, works with you–so it’s not as intimidating, and you feel like you are accomplishing something. And we think that is a trick when it comes to accessing true motivation and perseverance. For instance, Mats will ask you for the back cover copy, your condensed bio of max 75 words, and your headshot. That’s not so daunting, now, is it?

These three cover clues will get you started working on your cover. To complete it, reach out!

  1. If you are stuck on a title, keep working and don’t get hung up. You will find as you go through the process that the book will often name itself.
  2. Pick out and share with your book designer some of the covers that you like best. This gives them a place to start and a better shot at putting together what you will actually like.
  3. The width of the spine is predicated on the number of pages in the book.

Getting your cover right is important. This is the reader-facing advertisement that you are using for enticement to get people to crack open the book. That old saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” may be true because who knows what nuggets are nestled inside. But … if you have a crapola cover, you will not want to promote the book, and it may undermine all your hard work that is just a few pages away from a curious reader. So spend some time on the cover, and if you want to talk to the master himself, head to theartcat.com and get in touch with Mats. Tell him I sent you and then prepare to be blown away by his politeness :)

As always, reach out to your host, Hilary Jastram, for guidance. Go here → GBYPodcast.com.

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Don’t let intimidation stop you from becoming an author. 

We’re closing this chapter until next week. In the meantime, write on!

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