In today’s episode of WEN, we’re chatting about a problem that plagues the uber-productive but that is not often talked about… how do I write when I feel like crap?
We are all exposed to feeling under the weather, depressed, and unsure of what we are going to write about. When you dive into writing there can be distractions that easily fade into the picture. Even the best writers and authors get stuck in a funk. How are you going to take action and control?
What You’ll Learn:
  1. Get comfortable. Prepare ahead for the time you are about to put into your work.
  2. Get dressed – It’s ok to dress casually and comfortably but remember you’re working, not hanging out watching tv, or taking a nap.
  3. Implement breaks that can keep your head clear and your mind focused
  4. Delegate with yourself. What work comes first–what do you need to accomplish before moving on with your day.
  5. Be sure to implement a deadline schedule for yourself so that you aren’t cramming everything at the last minute.
  6. Make sure you’re writing about something you are passionate about. It’s important to love what you do
  7. Do not sit there and feed yourself negative judgment.
  8. Understand the process and learn to enjoy it. As you continue into your writing you are constantly changing.
  9. Be consistent- Flow with what is on your mind but also be sure to keep the consistent values that you have in your writing.
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You’ve already lived what you’ve experienced.
It’s time to write it to life!
See you on the next episode!
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