A vision is embedded in everyone. A vision is a pathway to our own goals. For many people, they keep their vision alive through vision boards, sticky notes, constant reminders of self-talk, and even writing pages full of aspirations. However, most people are missing the key factor in this process. They aren’t taking the first step to their goal due to fear.  

Today, on Write Effing Now, Hilary host’s special guest Steve Gamlin. Steve is a man of many experiences and careers. Steve is the founder of Motivational Firewood, is a Speaker, Emcee, Stand-up Comedian, Author, and master of vision boards. Steve and his Wife also run a Non-Profit organization that helps others in the community who are struggling called Beach Bums. 


In this episode, Hilary and Steve speak about what a vision really is and how to implement your actions into full effect. Steve speaks about the adversity he faced in 2002 after he decided to quit his career in radio, he had gotten divorced from his wife, and he had three dollars to his name. After a conversation with a life coach, he transformed his life and career into what it is today. A few things that are discussed are the importance of gratitude, working forward into a vision, pulling away from negativity, and having a different outlook on what fear really is. Steve shares his three perspectives on fear and how he applied them and pushed fear to the curb.    


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