Every “expert” has a coach. The President has advisors.  Every guru has a “guru.”  Every influential person to ever roam this planet in every industry and discipline has one thing in common; They all had coaches.

In today’s episode, Hilary addresses the questions on why you need a book coach.  She speaks about topics discussed in the writing community and shares the actions required to apply them.  Just like an onion, writing can be layered.  There are answers that will unfold into a deeper perspective to help you become a more well-rounded and impactful author. 

Hilary talks about when she reached out to a Book Coach after she found herself stuck in an 8-year hiatus and the constant struggle to finish her book.  She breaks down the definition of a Book Coach and the impact they can make on your writing when it comes to creative concepts, proofing, editing, and developing the draft manuscript you decide to use.    


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